I knead you.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scott and I love massages. I know you're probably thinking: "yeah, me too" but you don't understand. Like, we both REALLY LOVE massages. We just found out about a place that does $30 full body massages, and I think we're dangerously close to cutting into our food budget to include a massage budget.
Scott rubs my back every. single. night. Not because I make him, just because he likes to. And I rub his neck every. single. day. Because he loves it. And I know that at the end of the day, I'm going to get a back rub.
Don't get me wrong: we are in no way charitable about our massages. Sometimes it feels like business. We are both extremely selfish with how long we rubbed down and often don't trust that the other person will give us a good massage in turn for the one we gave them.

And then this happens:

We start rubbing each other's necks at the SAME TIME to avoid a "but I just rubbed your neck and shoulders" argument.

It's that bad.


  1. hahahahaha!! I lvove this. I am completely obsessed with rubs too, receiving more than giving though. Before the hubby deployed I would get a rub every night too. Ive been going through withdrawals for sure!

  2. i can only imagine how much paul misses scotts shoulder rubs as well.

  3. THIS IS SOOOO FUNNNY!!! I love it!

  4. Okay, okay, so I love the kneading thing and all that, but hold on...I'm commenting up here because the picture is a side view of you and after reading the below post about people asking if you're pregnant, I am stunned...I mean, truly, overwhelmingly...stunned!!! You look about as pregnant as a zipper...meaning, if you stuck your tongue out and turned sideways, your tongue would be the ONLY thing sticking out.

    Stupid, freaking, pregnancy-on-the-brain people! Tell them what I used to when I was having a hard time with pregnancy and they wondered why I only had two children..."we've been trying really hard but Rob has a super low sperm count"...shuts them up REAL quickly.

  5. This is hilarious! My boyfriend likes his back tickled, and I like my feet rubbed. We do it while watching movies. If he stops massaging my feet, I stop tickling his back. It's so silly! Reminds me of us!! :)


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