Women's Health Clinic

Monday, June 7, 2010

*Do not read if you are offended by women's health

So I have my yearly exam coming up. Of course, when I made the appointment with the health clinic, I didn't know that it was politely called a "yearly exam."

Stressed out women's clinic lady: "What's this appointment for?"
Me: "Um... a gynecological exam? A pap smear..."
Lady: "A yearly exam?"
Me: "Uh, I want to talk about maybe getting pregnant so is that-"
Lady: "Yeah, that's called a yearly."
Me: "Oh. Yes, I'd like that."

I felt like I was in a drive-through and wasn't ready to order.
Could I possibly have sounded anymore ignorant or crude? "I would like to schedule a doctor to go up my vagina and take a swab of my cervix please."



  1. Carrie, you make me laugh so much! I love reading your blog. This post was especially funny to me- yay for awkward doctor-appointment-making-experiences.

  2. LOLOLOL it's so funny bc I get so nervous telling the nurse the same thing.. It's like they know what we are talking about but MAKE us say it... LOL
    oh goodness.. glad to know im not the only one..

  3. hehehe! Why oh why does it have to be so awkward?

  4. I just died laughing!!! love awkward moments!

  5. Oh man I don't think I have laughed that hard in a very long time! So funny! Thanks for sharing your awesome moments and being so funny about them!

  6. You should have said it the very blunt final way. I wonder how she would have responded :)


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