Thought I'd share...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm so stinking tired lately and I don't know why! I'm exercising, eating better than I ever have in my life, drinking tons of water and getting plenty of sleep. I have sore throat too, so Scott is all worried I have "mono" but I've never had that in my LIFE and I don't know why I would now.

I could be tired because:
A.) I have a pile of never ending laundry that needs to be folded and put away

B.) I have two papers and two exams coming up in the next four days

C.) I have a terribly fun/busy weekend coming up that includes Playmill theatre, white-water rafting, teaching Sunday school, and having one of Scott's old mission companions over for dinner

D.) Scott's car broke down... again. So now we're getting used to being normal poor college students who have to share a car.

E.) My lap-top got some funky virus on it and I need it to finish said papers

F.) The seven-week break is dangerously close and the weather is sunny and making me lazy.

G.) I just drove an hour to go to girl's camp for a day to direct a skit a million 12-17 year old's who were high on sugar.

I'm grateful for my little list of tired-ness. There's nothing on there that really makes me complain.

Therefore, I am NOT complaining because:

A.) I have a washer and dryer IN MY APARTMENT

B.) I'm going to college

C.) I'm going to Playmill and white-water rafting

D.) Scott and I have a car

E.) My lap-top is being fixed FOR FREE by the school as we speak

F.) I will have a break between this semester and the next that is filled with fun things to do

G.) I got to go to friggin' girl's camp even though I don't serve in Young Women's.


  1. I suggest a slaon visit, where you can relax... how about I go too, i am soooo tired and could use some pampering myself!

  2. This post made me smile. There is ALWAYS an upside.

  3. or it could be something else ;) Just kidding, I'll stop now.

  4. I love your positiveness!! You rock!!!


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