Things I Learned About Myself Today

Friday, June 18, 2010

-Working-out is way easier when you have someone to talk to the whole time.
-I get really embarrassed if my house is messy and someone I don't very well comes over. Being married, it's not like "Hey, don't mind the mess, this place represents my roommates." Instead my little apartment/home represents my FAMILY and it's way more humiliating if I feel it's being MISrepresented. Moral: Keep your house clean at all times in case of unexpected guests.

-When I was little I would always play make-believe. I would have 15 imaginary kids and push around dolls, but I my made-up motherhood never included a husband. For awhile it was just my mom and I so this isn't shocking, but still. Interesting.

-I can no longer eat deli meat. In my drugs of use and abuse class, we talked about how processed deli meat and hot dogs are and that there are actually some really harmful chemical in them. That's why pregnant women can't eat them. So I went to make a sandwich for lunch today and well... it ended up being vegetarian. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.


  1. Hah. Jeremy HATES when the house is a mess when anyone comes over (and his idea of a mess is my idea of a few things laying out. Ask your mom what a great cleaner I am).

    Anyways, they're called nitrates! You can usually find nitrate free deli meat but it costs twice as much. A little now and then probably won't kill you, everything in moderation. :)

  2. you couldn't eat it cuz your pregnant?

  3. NO! I'm not pregnant. Not that I know of.

  4. I feel the same way about my house. At LEAST the front/living room needs to be clean in case someone comes.

    But, as YOU know... that doesn't always happen :)

    I can't eat lunch meat now, either. I don't mind the taste, but if I think about what I've learned about meat production, it's downright disgusting. Eww.

  5. pregnant women can eat lunch meat and hot dogs...the risk is from the bacteria Listeria which a very minimal risk so as long as you're not eating 3 hot dogs a day and a $5 foot long for dinner, you'll be ok. i had lunch meat and hot dogs my entire pregnancy and allie is a normal 1 year old! well as normal a she can be as an offspring of mine :)

  6. I just don't want to eat anything that's so processed, it's recommended that pregnant women don't eat it. That's all.


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