On naps and sleeping

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I honestly will never stop loving to sleep. For some people, they have an excessive habit that they feel guilty about, but I don't feel guilty about sleep at all. Ever.

When I can't sleep, I get grumpy and mad. When I fall asleep at 8pm like I did the other night, I wake up feeling great, not groggy.

I can fall asleep anywhere. I have fallen asleep in a stump washed up on the beach.

I have slept through an earthquake and a drive-by shooting.

Naps are my reset button; my sanity.

Scott gets mad at me sometimes because I can fall asleep in 30 seconds flat and he wants to talk.

I have no desire to change my sleeping habits.


  1. "I think I'd really like being in a coma. I just like sleep so much that it seems like a coma would be something I'd really enjoy." --my stepdad.

    I love all of these pictures, by the way.

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  3. Did you sneak up to Aunt Mary's and put that cool bed out on the dock? It looks just like the lake!

    I am glad you didn't get my curse of not being able to sleep even when you are dead tired!


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