When the First Day of Spring...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

...awoke me for the first time, a thought broke into a million pieces and all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of this blog post.

It's finally spring. Today marks the first day- which means, more importantly, that yesterday was the last day of winter. This sunshine weather is no good for my itchiness for this semester to be over, but it is helping the kick in the face I got from daylight savings time heal a little nicer.

Scott and I are coming up on our 1 year wedding anniversary, which is beautiful. I told him I was grateful that before we got married, he had known me for at least 4 seasons and a road trip. He agreed that I am indeed a different person depending on the weather. Christmas-Carrie is way different from 4th-of-July-Carrie. He also suggested we move somewhere that is sunny all the time (yeah, thanks babe). He looked skeptical when I said I would settle for Washington state. Probably because it rains there so much. But he doesn't understand that just because the SKY is gray in Washington, the state still stays colorful with trees, and water and ethnicity's.
Not like here. When the sky is gray here, the trees and the grass and people's spirits all die a colorless death.

I honestly don't know the origin behind St. Patrick's Day, but I think the underlying intent of this holiday was to bring green back into the world after it had been missing for a long time. Just look at how happy these lopsided cupcakes are:

And LOOK at how happy they made us:

Hope everyone is having a colorful day!


  1. Yay spring! This blog makes me happy. I hope Jacob and I spend next winter in Hawai'i. Although I'll settle for Canterbury, which is our 2nd option.

  2. Four Seasons and a Roadtrip - that's definately an Ashley Abenroth Roberts saying isn't it.

    i hope that you have a great week.. You're too awesome!

  3. WhatEVER! Ashley got that from ME!

  4. Funfetti geen cupcakes, MY FAVORITEEEEEEEEEEEE


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