"Satan delights in statistics" - H.G. Wells

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I had my very first Statistics 223 exam today. It was scary and I was kind of freaking out. My study partner told me that I just needed to calm down, and that I would be okay. Someone else said I knew everything I needed to know. But I had heard these things before. And I have failed my fair share of math tests.

My. whole. life.

So let's just talk about how I felt when I sat in the testing center, hacking away at my exam like a starved homeless man who was eating out of the garbage for the first time. I took a bite out of each problem and tried not to taste. I blazed through that exam in 30 minutes.

I had to double check my I-card when the last four digits of my I-number popped up next to a number I couldn't believe.

8152: 86%


That's a B! That's a B PLUS AWESOME!

... can you tell I'm proud of myself?


  1. GOOD FOR YOU!! I would be proud of myself too.

  2. What What?! Atta girl! Way to go! I'm not mathematically brained either, and I have never taken statistics... you rocked the cazba.

  3. PS love the new blog look, totally you. the coat of armor thing before wasn't doin' it for me, but this... divinely perfect


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