Monday, February 1, 2010

I live in the ugliest place on earth:

And don't get all "oh-I-think-that's-beautiful" because you would be lying. And if you truly thought the abovc photo was beautiful, I would know that you have never been to my college town at the end of January. You've never seen roads so brown and full of slush. There is also nothing to do while it is winter. I don't know what Scott and I would do if we didn't have Netflix and the cheap theatre. You can eat at a crappy restaurant, see a cheap movie, or go to a freshman event on campus. That's it. Unless you like outdoor winter stuff, all you can do is go to class and wait until June when it's safe to go outside again.

I'm not really thinking that I want to MOVE out of Rexburg. No, I need to get a degree first. I refuse to leave this iced over hell empty-handed. But I surely would like to visit a few places.
Like this:

Or I would like to be doing this:

I wouldn't mind taking a walk here:

Or getting to know some of these folks:

But alas, money is tight, and it's hard to imagine life ever being different. I want to go to China to teach english, Scott says we need to pay off student loans. I want to have Scott finish school in Seattle, he says the out of state tuition is too expensive and we might have to stay in Idaho/Utah. I don't mean to have him sound like such a prude. He's just... responsible. If it were up to me, I would put a bunch of travels on a credit card and hope it didn't hurt anyone if I died. All of this would be impulsive, random, and eventually REALLY REALLY bad. So that's why I married Scott, who helps me keep those destructive desires in check.

One day, though, I am making Scott take me here:

and I will do this:


  1. I did go there... but sadly I didn't do that. Oh well- next time.

  2. I was having one of those days yesterday. Jacob said "if we really did that would it make life any better for us when we got back" I told him "YES" but knew he was right (dang it!). Thank goodness for the responsible reasonable men in our lives eh?


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