Cheer + Joy = Chapman Christmas '09

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chrsitmas 2009.
To sum it up:
Scott and I slept on an air mattress under the ping pong table because you have to have at least one baby to qualify for a bedroom. There was constant whispering because there was a baby who "just got put down" somewhere in the house at all times/ There was a fiesta night, curry, and TWO (count them) Chrsitmas dinners coupled with endless amounts of popcorn. There was enlightening political and Jane Austen conversation, singing around the piano, secret elves, the lights at temple square and the most fun I have ever had sledding.

"If everyone in America just did what we did with presents, we'll be out of this recession in no time. ... And then back in it because everyone won't be able to pay off their credit card debt."
-Peter on Christmas morning

"No Emily! Don't do acid through your nose!"
-Scott to 7week old Emily who as acid reflux.

"Naked Baby Harlot!"
-Claire (2) talking to Charolette (8mon). Claire can't say her s's or ch's.


  1. OH my gosh too funny, the Claireism has me rolling. Thanks for sharing. Glad it was a great first married christmas! Scott: We always knew that ping pong table would be trouble, or at least our moms did... ;)

  2. Scott and I made all of Lori's fears come true ;)


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