Baraka: Rest in...???

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our fish is dying. But he's not dead. We have had Baraka for about 6 months and every week we clean out his tank. We feed him just enough and we sing him songs we make up that are inspired by his majestic tail:
"Oh Baraka fish! We love you fish! Swim fish! Swim fish!"

But recently Baraka fish has not been swimming. He floats at the top. But he's not belly-up. And every once in a while he'll aggressively eat food and spit it out, swim to the other side of the tank and then float there for hours. Scott is convinced that he is dead and that his swimming outbursts are aftershocks of his nervous system. But I refuse to send my Baraka fish to porcelain heaven if he's not really dead! I would rather him die at home.

Our songs have turned into this:
"Oh Baraka fish! You are a dead fish! But you are not dead yet fish! Swim fish! Swim fish!"

We will keep you posted.


  1. Sounds like his swim bladder is out of whack, which will eventually result in death. But, they have medicines for it -- maybe even at WalMart.

  2. Annis, why do you know about Beta fish illnesses?


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