Goals Update

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


  • I made an apple pie from scratch (#20: CHECK!)
  • Our 72-hour kit is in the trunk of our car (#1: CHECK!)
  • I do yoga just about everyday, and went to my first yoga class (# 9: CHECK!)
  • I made a really cute purse (on my way to CHECK off #10)
  • We went to Stockman's and had All You Can Eat Steak (Scott's #17: CHECK!)

Also, in the process of being done is my AFI's top 100 movie list. We've watched a few (thank you Netflix Instant Viewing), and we are running into the problem that a lot of them are might not have the most appropriate scenes so we'd like to get them edited. Is that still legal?

Not on our list of goals was to go to Lava Hot Springs, but we did anyway. I saved a bit, and for Scott's birthday, we went to a little inn in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. I missed my mother's birthday, my cousin's wedding, and an improv performance. Instead we:

  • soaked in mineral pools
  • napped
  • bought a poncho from a consignment shop that smelled like incense

(Scott tried on a sheep skin jacket there too, where the guy who owns the store said: "oh yeah- I got that jacket in Poland." He had long hair and was rad)

  • ate Thai food
  • soaked in mineral pools
  • napped
  • listened to live music in our hotel
  • soaked in mineral pools
  • read books
It was a pretty amazing getaway.

Ten Things That Make Me Terribly Happy
1. My new teapot
2. When my friend's come into JB's and I'm their waitress.
3. Short, fat pumpkins
4. Scott's "punk sweatshirt" and when he wears it.
5. Winning Settler's of Catan.
6. My library card
7. Having one of my picture frames sell!
8. Getting a birthday card
9. Hearing Scott sing in the shower
10. My wedding ring


  1. get movies from clean flicks! we luurve clean flicks. and ps..yoga was fun.

  2. Way to go Idaho!


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