From the Library

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So we canceled our Internet to save money (don't worry, we have a plan) and now I'm left to check my email from the library. And I have this little box in the corner of the window that is showing my 60min's ticking away and it makes me feel like I'm back on the mission. Only it's Saturday, I'm wearing jeans and big earrings, I'm checking movie times and I'm waiting for my husband.

But still.

I really don't have anything important to say; I just wanted to feel the rush of being kicked off this computer at any moment. You know, for old time's sake.

I'm also at the library because I'm returning some books:
A Million Little Pieces by James Frey,
Songs of a Humpback Whale by Jodi Picolt,
Sam: The Boy Behind The Mask by Tom Hallman Jr.

I do NOT recommend A Million Little Pieces as it was a graphic representation of James Frey's 6-week drug rehab experience (I say representation because it turns out he fabricated a lot of the story). However, I'm glad I read it because I've been thinking about going into drug rehab and family therapy. This book was a glimpse into what I'd be dealing with.

Songs of a Humpback Whale was typical Jodi. There was a death, a lot of research, and an affair with no consequences. I wrote her a letter asking her why she thinks people don't seem to mind that their spouse cheats on them. I just couldn't help it. The only thing missing was a dramatic court case, but I'm looking forward to reading her latest book for that. It's just on a long waiting list here at the library.

Sam was a great little book that wasn't supposed to be a book at all but is, in fact, a series of newspaper articles about a boy (who is exactly my age) that is born with a rare face malformation. The articles were so well written that it was put together into a book and Mr. Hallman won a Pulitzer prize. It was another one of those inspirational novels I try to couple with my depressing reads.

Wow. I just realized that my short little book reviews are probably pretty boring but I just REALLY wanted to write something with the clock ticking.

21 minutes left...


  1. How on earth do you find time to read busy lady? I miss that...

  2. I didn't know you were thinking of going into drug rehab and family therapy. I mean I knew you had issues, but sheesh. Wouldn't it be awkward if you really meant it that way, and I wrote this insensitive comment?

  3. ...Have I mentioned that I'm suddenly and overwhelmingly glad we decided to be BFFs?

    Thanks for the fun last night -- and for the book reviews. I need to dive into a book or two to make this week go by faster!


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