Sunday, September 13, 2009

It seems that I got so wrapped up in my goal of being a happier, more grateful person, that I totally forgot about my blog. I guess it's a good thing because I had originally used my blog to FORCE myself to be better, and now it can just be a happy place where I can dump all of my happiness.

Steps leading up to this include:
- A big move out of the mousehole and into what we lovingly call the Chapman Upgrade. It has two bedrooms (count 'em!) and a washer and dryer. We got the washer and dryer for $20 each at a garage sale and the dryer broke in the move, but still. We live like kings.
- School being out. No school = more time with Scott.
- Quitting Artco. I think this was the biggest move I've ever made to keep my sanity. Artco was a horrible place to work with horrible communication and no way to fix anything that was broken. Just thinking about it makes me do the face you saw in the picture from the last entry.
- Being unemployed. As much as I hate myself for admitting it, I really liked not having to deal with co-workers and pushy customers. Although, I did not like being bored at home after desperately TRYING to find a job, or my poor husband's face when he looked at how much money we spend with only one income.
- Keeping my house clean, stocked with food, and smelling good.
- Getting a job as a waitress at JB's! I got a $20 tip at my first table and I cried.
- Our friends that were here this summer. Namely, Liz, Jacob, Paul, Melissa, Brandilyn, Dave and Lucas and Amber. We had so much fun doing stuff with everyone! For some reason Scott and I get really goofy around Liz and Jacob... probably because we know they'll keep hanging out with us anyway.
- My birthday. Scott took me to Yellowstone National Park for my birthday and then to see a play at the Playmill! It was so relaxing. Also relaxing was the full body massage he had lined up at the spa, the night out at a movie (at the big kid theatre) and a sushi dinner.
- The CD's Scott got me for my birthday:
The Collection (Best of) by Alanis Morissette
Fearless by Taylor Swift
Love Songs by the Beatles
The Miseducation of Lauren Hill by Lauren Hill
Scott and I both agreed that none of those people would EVER hang out, but they are my new favorite people.
- Not having a T.V. Television is pretty depressing.
- Friends being back for school! I have loved hanging out with Apartment 301 who have four of the greatest girls ever living there. Mandy, Anna, Sarah and Meredith all live together so I have a one stop shop to see most of the girls I adore. It's been especially fun to hang out with Meredith again as she just got home two months ago from a mission in Peru.

Right now, life is just wonderful full of wonderful experiences. Scott started school again and is reading a novel a week for his english class. He'll be done with his Associates Degree here soon, which is fantastic. I'm going to be getting a full-time job here pretty soon at a place I'm sure I'll love and will be happy at. Because it's all in my attitude. Even when it's hard. I think that's the update. I'll try to write about more things now that I have this blog in my mind as a positive place to share positive thoughts!
10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy
1. The song Change by Taylor Swift
2. Scott and his dad making the dryer work
3. 25cent zucchini at the Farmer's Market every Friday
4. Popping zits on my husband's back
5. A mother who doesn't mind that I call her about everything
6. Sharpie pens
7. The "Camu Camu" scent from Scentsy
8. Panache (Brandilyn and Dave's store)
9. My old, worn out copy of Peter Pan that I sort of stole from the BYU-I library
10. Fat, grumpy animals


  1. carrie...i love taylor swift, i love your fat grumpy animals revelation at the humors, and i love that you're a happy person. i get excited to see you because i know i can chat without censoring or worrying about what you'll think of me. and i love your feedback. and i basically just love you.

  2. oh my gosh, i just realized i commented within like 5 minutes of you posting. i swear that's just when i decided to get on blogger, i don't stalk you. lol.

  3. Boo ya to happiness!

  4. So...I hope you don't mind me stalking you and finding out you have a blog on Facebook! I'm pretty sure I forgot how much fun you are, but don't worry, this just reminded me! I just love you! Glad things are going so well and you are enjoying life! :) And congrats on getting married! (So I'm a little behind, better late than never, right?!?)

  5. I love this post. And you. And I'm so glad you and Scott are crazy around Jacob and I, because I think he and I are the same way around you guys! I'm glad you're happy. It spreads.


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